The application of metal dome array


Golden-Switch usually adopts double-layer metal dome array structure. The two-layer structure conductive film is superior to the single-layer structure, and the process is mature, and the production cost is cheaper than the single-layer structure. Besides, there is one layer spacer under mylar, this spacer can avoid obvious level error on the dome array surface.  

PET is available in both transparent and white. Generally, Mylar is transparent, and the spacer is transparent or white. This is determined by the convenience of the product and whether it is shaded. In addition, the venting holes formed on Mylar in the single layer structure are replaced by venting grooves on the spacer.

Double-layer structure dome array features:

a. The product is light & small.

b. Excellent anti-wet, heat-proof and cold-proof performance.

c. Due to the use of the spacer, it is equivalent to sealing and dustproofing the shrapnel, and at the same time preventing oxidation of the shrapnel itself.

d. The feel is very good, extending the service life of the product.

e. A variety of color combinations can be selected to suit the different requirements of the product for fit or shade.

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