How the anti-tip switch works?


Household appliances that need to be prevented from being dumped are generally provided with an anti-tip switch, which generally adopts a shrapnel structure or an electronic component structure, two shrapnels on the outside of the switch, unsafe to use, and in the process of electrical appliance dumping. In the middle, relying on the opening and closing of the two shrapnel, but due to the slow movement of the shrapnel during the contact and disconnection process, there are defects of short-term transient and short service life, and the two shrapnel are easy to cause during contact or disconnection. The welding connection is not broken and the work is not reliable.

The anti-dumping switch is easy to install and can be directly mounted on the PCB. All the rubber parts have a rating of 94V0. The safety requirements are easy to pass through. The movement accuracy is only within ±5°, and the mechanical tilting switch is operated. High reliability within ±20°, long life and no safety hazards.

The tip over switch is designed for the safe use of electrical appliances. It is constructed with a free-moving metal object like a hammer and a pair of switch contacts. When the appliance is placed horizontally, the metal object will have two switch contacts. When connected, the appliance is powered and works normally. When the appliance is tilted too far or inverted, the dump switch is automatically disconnected and the appliance stops working. This is the working principle of the dump switch.

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